EXSYMOL and UNIPEX sign a distribution agreement for the swiss romande market

03 August 2020

EXSYMOL, a company specialising in the design, objectification and manufacture of cosmetic active ingredients, and UNIPEX, a French company specialising in the distribution of specialties, have signed an agreement for the distribution of the Monegasque company's active ingredients throughout France as of 1st January 2020 and newly on the French-speaking part of Switzerland since the 1st of July 2020.


EXSYMOL offers a wide range of cosmetic active ingredients that can be divided into 3 families:

1) Silanols, EXSYMOL's signature technology: this family of cosmetic active ingredients based on organic silicon is able to restructure the skin for numerous cosmetic benefits (hydration, firmness, complexion uniformity...).

2) Optimized peptides: high-performance and innovative active molecules for targeted action.

3) Natural active ingredients: high-performance and innovative plant-based active ingredients that meet the needs of the skin.


UNIPEX will use its knowledge of the cosmetics market in France to extend it to the French-speaking Swiss market.

Pierre-Bondon "In order to strengthen our presence on the French market, we were seduced by the seriousness of Unipex and impressed by its level of expertise. Therefore, we trust Unipex to ensure the distribution of our cosmetic actives. I am confident that our partnership will be fruitful and will allow us to conquer new market shares. »

Pierre Bondon, President of Exsymol

PB"We are delighted to have EXSYMOL as one of our partners, a company committed to a strong ethical approach and the development of more sustainable ingredients. EXSYMOL's solutions and values are naturally associated with ours. We are very enthusiastic to be able to offer these scientific and innovative solutions, which I am sure will meet the needs of the market".

Patrice Barthelmes, President of Unipex

For further information, please contact Maïlys LE LEM, Unipex technical sales, is at your disposal - – Tél : +33 7 85 25 51 25