Sucre semoule


Sucre semoule


N° CAS 57-50-5

Sweetener - Thinner - Binder

  • The calibrated Caster No.1 400 EP and Caster No.1 250 EP sugars are perfectly suited for powder mixtures intended for the manufacture of dry pharmaceutical and nutraceutical forms.
  • White crystalline powder, very soluble in water. OM caster sugar n ° 1 400 EP: 300 to 500 microns OM caster sugar n ° 1 250 EP: 200 to 300 microns
  • The large specific surface area, the fineness of the crystals and the low particle size dispersion facilitate the production of homogeneous mixtures and rapid dissolution for dry forms such as sachets, dry syrups, suspensions.

Origine : Natural

Formule : C12H22O12

Masse moléculaire : 342,3 g/mol

Pharmacopée : EP, JP, USP-NF

Contenant standard : Bag Big Bag

Process de production : Powder mixture

Forme galénique : Powder gelule - Powder sachet

Voie d'administration : Oral


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