Meeting all your expectations is our winning formula

We put our teams and all our knowledge at your disposal to meet your product formulation needs.

You need
top class

Technical expertise

We have technical and commercial teams who specialise by market, organised in such a way as to provide maximum efficiency.

Our expertise is primarily linked to our in-depth knowledge of the specialty ingredients market, which we have been operating in for over 50 years, as well as the quality of relations we hold with our partner network. We work with leading agents in their field, often on an exclusive basis.

Another strength of ours is working in an open architecture, in total transparency. We communicate smoothly, and will therefore satisfy your every need.

Formulation assistance

Within our application laboratories, our expert formulators will help to formulate the products you need.

We can take you further, because for each of our markets, we monitor all the latest development trends to anticipate today the demands of tomorrow. We will support you in your projects and, if you wish, can suggest new product concepts.

You need
quality products

A team of experts dedicated to Quality and Regulations.

Our job
involves :

Selecting quality ingredients

Guaranteeing compliance with customer requirements by drafting product specifications.

Keeping you informed by monitoring regulatory developments.

Supporting you with technical and regulatory expertise.

Our internal auditor (IRCA certified) performs audits and is on-hand to assist you.

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In Pharmaceuticals
In Nutraceuticals
In Chemicals
In Food-nutrition

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