Our specialtychemicals

High-performance and innovative chemical specialties for multiple coatings, plastics and construction applications.

Our addedvalues

  • A relevant range of high-performance ingredients for the coatings, plastics & construction markets.
  • Innovative ingredients with bio-sourced raw materials.
  • An application laboratory at your disposal to develop your formulae.
  • Long-standing relationships with reliable, market-leading suppliers.
  • Step-by-step support with your projects, right up to product approval.
  • A specific team dedicated to regulatory matters to advise and support you.
  • Genuine closeness afforded by our excellent relations, responsiveness and the stability of our team.

Our mainpartners

Our partners in France

Our partners in Belgium


Frédéric Director of BU
Chemicals France
+33 (0)1 47 08 30 60

Frédéric Director of BU
+ 32 (0)2 761 10 30

Our dedicated team selects the best suppliers and helps you develop new products with high added value. Versatile and responsive, the team works by your side and will always respond as quickly as possible.

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