Our specialtypharmaceuticals

A range of high-performance, smart ingredients for Pharmaceuticals (API, excipients, preservatives, flavourings and intermediates of synthesis) for a wide spectrum of applications.

Our addedvalues

  • A consistent range to meet your needs across our 3 segments: APIs, excipients and intermediates of synthesis.
  • A Regulatory Team at your disposal to support you and to implement regulatory monitoring.
  • Quality sourcing associated with market-leading producer.
  • An internal team of pharmaceutical specialists to help you formulate and to propose new products.
  • Our own certified “high standards”-ANSM certified- warehouse.

Our mainpartners

Our partners in France

Our partners in Belgium


Emmanuel Director of BU
France & Africa
+ 33 (0)1 47 32 81 30

Frédéric Director of BU
+ 32 (0)2 761 10 30

Our expert employees provide a complete service to meet all of your needs. They select the best suppliers for you and help you develop innovative products with high added value.

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