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A concentrate of responsible commitments

Unipex has developed 3 exclusive CSR measurement tools to better support our partners and provide them with our Sustainable Development expertise on a daily basis.

Our CSR audits

For an ever more sustainable follow-up

We have identified 3 priority CSR issues: People, Planet & Ingredients. We evaluate our own CSR actions as well as those of our suppliers.

The CSR audits of our supply chain (suppliers and producers) include compliance with both environmental and social standards (employee health and safety).

Upon request, CSR audits can be carried out by an Intertek trained and accredited Unipex CSR auditor.

Our Diagnostic Ingredients

To promote good practice

Our Ingredient Diagnostic is an exclusive scoring tool whose objective is to propose an evaluation of our ingredients integrating the environmental and social criteria of our raw materials.

We evaluate the CSR performance of our raw materials according to well-defined criteria: origins, CSR certifications and labels, possible substitutions, efficiency and transparency.

With the Ingredient Diagnostic, we support our suppliers by encouraging them to adopt more responsible production.

Our Carbon LCA

To reduce the impact of our activity on the environment

Carbon LCA is the Carbon Life Cycle Assessment of the materials we distribute. This tool, which is in the experimental phase, allows us to measure the CO2 emissions of an ingredient throughout its life cycle by following the Cradle to market method (from origin to production to distribution).

It facilitates the identification of points for improvement with a view to reducing our CO2 emissions.

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Our partners & sustainable Development

We have carried out a Sustainable Development watch of our partners.

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