22 juni 2019

Natural touch powders are part of Unipex solutions, part of a Clean Beauty approach. These powders are used in skin care or make-up formulations. They provide ultra-sensory properties to the cosmetic product, and allow to bring radiance to the skin thanks to their soft focus or mattifying features.




Depending on its shape, its ability to slide on or adhere to the skin, a touch powder can provide a creamy, powdery, silky or even a dry finish.


For a silky, smooth and creamy feel, small ingredients, low hardness and low absorption are preferred. Amihope® LL is a touch powder derived from Lysine. The flat and smooth shape of the particles provides gliding, softness and spreading. The low friction coefficient of the powder provides excellent lubrication, which gives the application a soft feel. Thanks to its hydrophobic nature, Amihope® LL also increases emulsion spreading properties. In make-up in powder formulations, this results in better adhesion to the skin for long-lasting hold and waterproof functionality.

All these properties give Amihope® LL a silky touch. It can be integrated into skin care formulations from 0.3% to significantly improve the sensoriality of the product and reduce the fat content when spreading certain emollients or texturizers. In make-up formulations, it can be incorporated up to 10%.

In addition, the refractive index of this touch powder being low, it provides a natural transparent appearance.




The structure of the particles allows the reflection of light waves. Applied to the skin, they fill in wrinkles and fine lines, diffuse light and therefore hide skin imperfections. Several parameters influence the soft focus effect: the concentration of particles, their refractive index (depending on their chemical structure), the size, distribution and porosity of the particles.

Several touch powders are available from Unipex.

The MSS-500W, silica microspheres, medium size (12 microns) and medium oil absorption. This touch powder can be used up to 3% in skin care and a higher percentage in make-up. It gives the finished product a powdery feel.

Koboblur Natural 100, a powder complex composed solely of minerals and natural ingredients (silica, cellulose, mica, jojoba ester...) is ideal for a natural finish. Integrated from 5 to 20% in your formulations, it allows a very good soft focus effect. It has an excellent ability to diffuse light whatever the galenic of the product and the emollients that compose it.




For this property, the powder must have a high oil absorption. This way, it will be able to absorb excess sebum on the surface of the skin.

Silica is a highly absorbent material. For a very high absorption capacity, Silica Shell with an ellipsoidal shape can absorb up to 5 times its own weight.

In the microsphere category, MSS-500/3H silica, it will have an oil absorption of 300g per 100g of product. This small natural silica (3 microns) gives a creamy effect to skin care and make-up formulations.

The CARESS range offers many powders including CARESS® BN06 which has an oil absorption of 110g per 100g of product. This touch powder has an opaque appearance and gives the powder a soft and silky touch.

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