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Our ranges

Gamme pharmaceutique

Range Pharmaceuticals

A range of high-performance, smart ingredients for Pharmaceuticals (API, excipients, preservatives, flavourings and intermediates of synthesis) for a wide spectrum of applications.

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Gamme nutraceutique

Range Nutraceuticals

A Smart offer of innovative functional ingredients (natural extracts, active molecules, etc.) adapted to industrial formulations and responding to trends in the nutraceutical market.

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Gamme food / nutrition

Range Food-nutrition

An exclusive range of specialities for the baby food, meats and seafood, prepared meals and specialised nutrition sectors.

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Gamme cosmétique

Range Cosmetics

A consistent range of high-performance raw materials for all types of cosmetics applications and functions.

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Gamme chimie

Range Chemicals

High-performance and innovative chemical specialties for multiple coatings, plastics and construction applications.

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