Looking for inspiration for the formulations of a food product?


Do you work in the food industry and are looking to launch new products? Unipex offers its skills in formulation, food innovation and R&D for food manufacturing and nutrition.

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Our support for the recipes of your food products

We are experts in food formulation and the creation of food products with optimised organoleptic qualities and the right raw materials.


  • We select the best ingredients from a wide network of suppliers and companies in the food industry,
  • We master all aspects of food product formulation: health safety, traceability, industrial manufacturing processes and food regulations and standards,
  • We advise you at every stage of the formulation and development process of your food products and new recipes,
  • We work on all types of food products: ready meals, sauces and creams, vegetable recipes, delicatessen products, desserts, etc.
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To inspire you: 12 food recipes, designed with carefully selected ingredients

As a starting point, and to help you in your food formulations, we have created and designed 12 gourmet recipes for the food industry using some of our ingredients.


Our aim? To give you ideas and to be a driving force, thanks to the application of our carefully selected ingredients.


Our formulations meet the latest consumer and health nutrition trends: less fat, animal proteins, additives, colourings, etc. All without compromising on taste, and with optimised nutritional qualities.


For each of these formulations, we offer you a detailed sheet with the preparation steps, proportions, recommended labelling, allergens, benefits and conservation possibilities (pasteurised, vacuum-packed and/or frozen, with a best-before date or expiration date).


We hope you enjoy discovering them as much as we enjoyed making them!

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Experts from the food industry

With agro-food training, our technical sales staff are dedicated to the food industry. They will be able to assist you with all aspects of your project, in compliance with the specifications (nutritional, organoleptic and microbiological characteristics, storage conditions, packaging, practicality, cost, etc.).

We master the constraints of the industrial and retail sectors, and the specificities of food commodities. We can support your research and development teams at each stage of the formulation of finished food products: from the selection of ingredients to the improvement of the product's manufacturing processes.

Unipex, dedicated to food quality!

A true partner of the food industry - and of food companies in particular - Unipex assists you in your food product formulation projects. Committed to food quality, we are experts in product development and food processing. And our ingredients are always successful!

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