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Looking for a nutraceutical ingredient or inspiration for your formulations?

Do you want to launch new dietary supplements, supplements or vitamin and mineral combinations? We have a wide range of nutraceutical ingredients to meet your needs, with innovative natural and functional ingredients with proven nutritional qualities and beneficial effects.

We have also used our finest nutraceutical ingredients to formulate innovative concepts. Discover below our latest nutraceutical concepts at the forefront of nutrition and health trends!


Our innovative concepts based on Nutraceutical ingredients:


At the forefront of emerging market demands, Unipex has developed innovative concepts based on nutraceutical ingredients. Here are some of our flagship concepts.

Nomad Kit Fiches concepts unipex smart distributeur ingredients spécialité nutraceutique

Nomad kit

Nutraceutical concept: the "Nomad Kit

An innovative take & go concept, composed of 3 nomadic formulas!

Discover the nutraceutical formulations made!

  • A gummy, for easier digestion
  • A sugar-free chewing gum that says "Stop mouth ulcers"
  • A 3-in-1 spray, a glittery antibacterial
Fiches concepts paracetarom unipex samrt distributeur ingredients spécialité nutraceutique


Paracet'AROM concept, 3 innovative ways to administer paracetamol!

Paracetamol is the most widely consumed active substance in France and has become a common consumer product. This active ingredient comes in various forms: syrups, powders to be diluted, suppositories, capsules, tablets and others, depending on the patient's preference.

The bitterness of this active ingredient can be an obstacle to the development of new health product formulas.

We offer you 3 innovative formulations!

  • A pediatric syrup with a reduced sugar content and a surprising taste that will delight all children.
  • A chewing gum that helps restore fresh breath thanks to the antibacterial activity of the incorporated flavors.
  • A bag for drinking solution without aftertaste formulated with natural flavors and stevia extracts.
Fiches concepts Men Box unipex samrt distributeur ingredients spécialité nutraceutique

Men Box

Nutraceutical concept: the "Men Box", a cocktail of nutraceutical ingredients

The box for the well-being of men, surfing on the trend of male cosmetics! It meets the new expectations of men combining beauty and innovation. Discover the 3 associated formulations
  • Bourrelet killer, orange shot spritz format drink made with Morosil™ and natural extracts
  • Vigorgum, chewing gum with sugar-free coating based on NSK-SD® and natural flavors
  • Prostacare, sublingual film with SatialgineTM, Teupol25 P and natural flavors

Smooth Beauty

Smooth Beauty

Le concept ? Une routine nutricosmétique journalière qui comprend :
  • une poudre beauté saisonnière
  • un smoothie avec des fruits frais de saison
Pour une expérience consommateur favorisant plaisir & observance !

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