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Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) aims to improve the environmental, social, economic and ethical impact of our business and we take our mission seriously.


Placing our CSR commitments at the heart of our strategy means taking concrete actions to promote safety, quality and environmental protection on a daily basis. To this end, our teams are mobilized to meet the main challenges we have identified: commitment to the climate, naturalness, responsible sourcing, sustainable mobility, etc.


We are always looking for the best solutions. And we are more motivated than ever to make excellence our only reference.


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NOS 3 actions stratégiques pour 2022

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Enforce working conditions internally and in our supply chain

We put well-being at the heart of our vision
  • Annual monitoring of measures on the frequency of accidents at work and the absenteeism rate.
  • Quantification and monitoring of the training provided.
  • Employee satisfaction survey on well-being at work.
  • Eco-driving training for all employees with a company car by the end of 2021
  • Gender equality: assessing the pay gap.
  • Acceptance of our code of conduct by our suppliers.
  • CSR assessment of our suppliers


  • 0 suppliers* at risk** by end 2021
  • 100% of our suppliers* accept our code of conduct by the end of 2021

* among those representing 80% of the turnover

** is considered at risk if CSR assessment = 0

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Fight against climate change


We take action to reduce our energy impact and track the progress of our actions
  • Carbon footprint and reduction of our CO2 emissions.
  • Preference to a 100% green gas supplier in our warehouse.
  • Identification and replacement of the most energy consuming appliances.
  • Recycling and recovery of our office waste.
  • Low energy lighting in our warehouse.
  • Use of the train is recommended for our trips.
  • Continued to progressively replace our fleet of vehicles with hybrid or electric models.
  • CSR assessment of our carriers.


  • Reduce our CO2 emissions (scope 1 & 2) by 20% by the end of 2021
  • Implement a tool to study our CO2 emissions (scope 3) via our new "Carbon LCA" tool for our ingredients
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Promote the use of responsible ingredients

We make sourcing more sustainable raw materials our priority
  • Creation of our own tool "CSR Diagnosis of our ingredients" assessing the environmental impact of ingredients representing 30% of our turnover in a first phase.
  • CSR rating according to several criteria: origin, certification or label providing environmental or social guarantees, renewability, pollution, hazardousness, eco-design, biodegradability and transparency


  • Implement a CSR rating tool for our ingredients

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sustainable development

Sustainability Box By Unipex, A concentrate of responsible commitments

Unipex has developed 3 exclusive CSR measurement tools to better support our partners and bring them our Sustainable Development expertise on a daily basis.

Our CSR audit

For an ever more sustainable follow-up

We have targeted 3 priority CSR issues: People, Planet & Ingredients.


We evaluate our own CSR actions but also those of our suppliers.


CSR audits of our supply chain (suppliers and producers) include compliance with environmental and social standards (employee health and safety).


On request, CSR audits can be carried out by a Unipex CSR auditor.

Our Ingredients Diagnostic

To encourage good practice

Our Ingredient Diagnostic is an exclusive rating tool which aims to provide an assessment of our ingredients by integrating the environmental and social criteria of our raw materials.


We evaluate the CSR performance of our raw materials according to well-defined criteria: origins, naturalness, CSR certifications and labels, possible substitutions, efficiency and transparency.


With the Ingredients Diagnostic, we support our suppliers by encouraging them to adopt more responsible production.

Our Carbon LCA Footprint

To reduce the impact of our activity on the environment

The Carbon LCA is the Carbon Life Cycle Analysis of the materials we distribute. This tool, which is currently being tested, allows us to measure the CO2 emissions of an ingredient throughout its life cycle by following the Cradle to Market method (from origin to production to distribution).


It facilitates the identification of points of improvement in order to reduce the CO2 emissions of our distributor activity.

To go further

CSR Watch April 2021

We have carried out a Sustainable Development watch of our partners.


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Our certifications

Ecovadis gold 2020 Sustainability rating Distributeur ingrédients Unipex certification

The global CSR performance assessment platform EcoVadis has awarded us the Gold recognition level in 2018, 2019 and 2020. UNIPEX thus joins the top 1% of companies assessed by Ecovadis in its sector.

cdp certification Distributeur ingrédients Unipex

Le Carbon Disclosure Project est une certification internationale de l’émission Carbone qui évalue l’impact environnemental des entreprises. UNIPEX a reçu le score B- : une notation supérieure à la moyenne des entreprises de notre catégorie.

  • ISO 9001v2015
  • Compliance with good distribution practices
  • COSMOS Ingredients
  • ESAD III certificate
  • Responsible Care member
  • RSPO Member (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil)
  • Organic certification (on certain product ranges)