Unipex Smart Distributeur Ingrédients Spécialité Cosmétique Box Formulations

Looking for inspiration for your cosmetic formulations?

For you, cosmetic formulator, our unique marketing concepts, composed of our most beautiful raw materials, to be a true source of inspiration!


In the heart of each formula, innovation and technicality respond to the major trends of tomorrow. New textures and gestures make up our boxes, breaking the codes of our beauty routines and offering new sensory experiences.


Discover our latest boxes dedicated to the cosmetics sector!



Because it's time to give your skin a break, while consuming more responsibly, adopt a simple and naturally essential routine! Discover this box that signs the return to the basics, with our three multi-use care products, to be used as basics of your care routine. "Let's do more with less!


La beauté Waterless

Le temps presse ! L’eau est une denrée qui se rarifie et déjà un luxe pour certains. Évitons son épuisement, repensons notre consommation et agissons ! Découvrez cette box disruptive et cassez les codes de votre routine beauté. En soin, comme en hygiène, la waterless beauty débarque dans votre salle de bain. Protégez la planète et votre peau, avec nos trois produits ultra-sensoriels ! Formulez avec moins (voire sans) eau !


Beauty and well-being are closely linked...

Energy, serenity and a sense of escape contribute to holistic beauty. Listen to your skin and your spirit and find your well-being with our four feel-good formulas! Beauty is a whole.


Make your beauty care and wellness cosmetics shine

A play of light on the skin care redefines the notion of radiance! This new beauty ideal for a sublimated skin, a radiant complexion and luminous hair. Leave room for magic to reveal your inner light.

Super Ingrédients

The power of superfood

Nature holds priceless secrets with sometimes unsuspected properties. Let yourself be inspired by the SUPER ingredients of our cosmetics that cultivate your beauty!
Unipex smart distributeur spécialité cosmétique box formulation concept fit me

Fit me

Personalised cosmetics

Hybrid products with surprising textures that reveal your beauty! These facial care products are perfectly adapted to your skin and your desires for a unique and tailor-made result.
unipex smart distributeur ingrédients spécialité cosmétique box concept formulation beyoutiful


Beauty 2.0

An uninhibited cosmetics with original and playful galenic formulas reigns on Instagram. Four product formulations for a virtual and connected beauty, always more engaged.


Innovative natural cosmetics

Taking care of yourself and the planet? A fresh wind is blowing through green cosmetics. Give meaning to your beauty routine with respectful, innovative and effective formulas.

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Unipex Smart Distributeur Ingrédients Spécialité Cosmétique Box Formulations

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