Unipex, a European distributor of specialty ingredients and service provider to the market, is glad to announce the acquisition of Utag BV, a distributor of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients -API’s- located in Almere, Netherlands.

Utag has been active over 65 years in the field of API’s distribution in mainly Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.


Mr Radboud Maas, since 1989 CEO of Utag, will join the Unipex organisation while continuing to manage Utag, delivering growth through the supply of high-quality APIs to the players of this market.


Frédéric Marquet, MD of Unipex Benelux commented: “We are happy to welcome Utag which is a perfect fit to the growth strategy of Unipex in the life science space of the Benelux market. I am confident that Utag will reinforce our presence in our pharmaceutical business in the Benelux and will help to create synergies with our French pharmaceutical division”. .


Radboud Maas further declared: “After more than 40 years working at Utag, in order to serve both our customers and suppliers, we feel we have found in Unipex a good and solid partner for the future. Knowing Unipex, with their own QA department, we have no doubt that the supply of the many API’s to our customers will be continued in the same satisfaction way as has been done during the last decades.”



Unipex distributes specialty ingredients and provides services to the Pharma, Cosmetic, Chemical and Food markets and has a total revenue in excess of 90 MM € with distribution in France, Benelux and Africa.


Utag BV distributes mainly API’s for the pharma industry and has a revenue of 2 MM € with distribution in mainly Benelux and Germany.