Ageing well

Change of CAP: the focus shifts from ageing to longevity, emotional and mental health.


This trend does not follow the concept of no wrinkles; it is a positive trend where one decides to accept that time passes and to accept oneself.


We then take care of our skin and our well-being!


The aim is to prevent and delay the appearance of the visible signs of ageing by keeping the skin fresh, hydrated, healthy and with an even complexion.

  • Peptides and silanols as technological active ingredients developed in the lab, combining science and respect for the skin's needs.
  • Nourishing butters and vegetable oils for your formulas with a cocooning touch.
  • A biomimetic lipid complex that encapsulates the molecule of interest to ensure its protection and increase its bioavailability to the skin.

Our favourite formula: Concentrated Serum


Don't resort to surgery, use our active-rich water serum for an even complexion and smooth skin. Its creamy, watery texture combines perfectly with its regenerating and hydrating anti-ageing activity.