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Vegan Beauty

What about Vegan cosmetics? In recent times, dozens of brands have obtained Vegan, Cruelty Free and other certifications, which are becoming more and more common in the sector. These are standards expected by consumers.


Inspired by a way of life, even a philosophy, this ethical, militant, natural and animal-friendly approach is reflected in our cosmetics. Today, carefully selected ingredients make up Vegan beauty.

  • VEGAN emulsifiers, as alternatives to PEGs, compatible with a wide range of emollients.
  • A range of VEGAN emollients in liquid, semi-solid to solid form that leave room for the sensory experience.
  • A VEGAN range made from oats sourced and produced in Europe (organic colloidal oat powder, active oil, touch powder, scrub ...).
  • Aqueous and anhydrous VEGAN texturing agents for all types of applications and sensory experiences.