When we think of Scandinavian countries, we think of a certain art of living that favours well-being, such as "hygge".


Being hygge is everything that makes us feel good and favours the delicious feeling of comfort and conviviality.


In cosmetics, it is the desire to buy consciously: to have fewer products but to choose them of better quality, to take care of one's health by favouring natural products, to want to look good but without giving up comfort.

  • Amino acid based ceramid like emollients for immediate and prolonged hydration.
  • Nourishing solid butters and oils for your transformation formulas with a cocooning touch (coconut, shea, mango ...).
  • Oils derived from plants such as shea and olive with a soft, light touch as an alternative to silicones.
  • Technological active ingredients developed in the lab that combine science and respect for the skin and the environment.

Our favourite formulas:

  • Make-up Remover Balm
  • Melting butter cream
  • Cream gel
  • Hand cream