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Super Ingredients

Inspired by Super Food, brands are capitalizing on this trend that talks about the benefits of ingredients as food for the skin.


Nature holds priceless secrets with sometimes unsuspected properties. Fruits, flowers, plants, let yourself be inspired by these precious ingredients.


SUPER Ingredients infuse our cosmetics and cultivate our beauty!

  • Plant extracts and peptides inspired by the magic of nature.
  • A range made from oats sourced and produced in Europe - Organic grades available.
  • Mineral salts from zinc, magnesium and other minerals...
  • Vegetable oils and botanical extracts from co-products of the food industry.
  • Exotic moisturising and nourishing emollients (coconut, shea, cocoa, macadamia, mango, etc.).
  • European sourced sugars with tensor and exfoliating properties - Organic grades available.

Our SUPER Ingredients Box consists of four sensory formulas:


  • Cleansing gel: Gently cleanse your skin
  • Concentrated Serum: Restore Youth to Your Face
  • Melting balm: Deeply repair your skin
  • Body oil: Protect your body