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AAK, 100% traceable shea butter


Sustainability is a growing concern in the cosmetics industry. Among the "sustainable″ ingredients, shea butter, harvested in Africa, features prominently in many fair trade programmes.


And our partner AAK is committed to this by setting up:

  • A sustainable and responsible programme
  • Sourcing among women.
  • Engagement with suppliers and farmers in the traditional supply chain.
  • A programme for the protection of the soil and the local population.


Programme DURABLE & RESPONSABLE à découvrir en vidéo



Our 100% traceable shea butters from AAK


Lipex SheaSoft TR :

Semi-solid butter that melts on setting and has improved crystallisation, making it possible to work on spreading (melting temperature = 50-52°C).


Lipex SheaLiquid TR :

Moisturising and nourishing liquid oil to reduce energy costs and process time.