Scutaline, a cosmetic active ingredient for clean compositions

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You are looking to formulate products with the cleanest, most expert and effective compositions possible. (Re)-discover Scutaline, the Exsymol active ingredient for your projects in natural cosmetics and/or dermo-cosmetics.


COSMOS 2-in-1 Skullcap Root Extract Soothing and Anti-Aging


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It slows down the appearance of wrinkles and the loss of firmness of the skin and fights very effectively against redness and feelings of discomfort.


Soothing - Clinique Test: Fights redness for a luminous complexion, moisturized and soft skin


After 14 days : 

-14% less redness*.


After 28 days :

+52% radiance

+43% hydration

+45% smoothness


Anti-ageing - Clinical test: Anti-wrinkle effect, firm and elastic skin


After 14 days :

-13.8% fewer wrinkles*


After 28 days :

+8.4% increase in firmness**

+43% elasticity**

** Cutometer® method

* Visia method