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Bites of the sea


  1. In a frying pan, melt the butter and add the flour to make a roux.
  2. Add the milk gradually until you have a smooth sauce.
  3. Heat the olive oil in a pan and add the seafood mixture.
  4. Add the mashed garlic and parsley.
  5. Deglaze with cognac and add to the previous mixture.
  6. Add HZ002PK CulinairEx, ProBase™ Mussel and Cod Broths, nutmeg, Fondolac SL, Unicell BF 90 Bamboo Fibre, HZ002PK CulinairEx, salt, pepper, tomato paste and Lactosan Emmental.
  7. Garnish the puff pastry vol au vent and heat in the oven.

Proportions (in %)

Milk 49,3
Seafood mix 32
Flour 3,2
Butter 3,2
Fondolac SL 2 Whey product
Tomato concentrate 2
Cognac 1,8
Emmental Lactosan 1,8 Cheese powder (100% Emmental)
Olive oil 1
CulinairEx HZ002PK 0,85 Mushroom powder, 100% vegetarian
Parsley 0,8
Unicell BF90 0,6 Bamboo plant fibre
ProBase™ Mussel Broth 0,5 Mussel Broth
Probase Cod Broth ™ 0,4 Cod Broth
Garlic 0,3
Nutmeg 0,2
CulinairEx HZ002PK 0,1
Pepper 0,05



  • The homogeneity and creaminess of the sauce are enhanced by Fondolac SL
  • Water release is reduced through the use of Unicell BF 90 bamboo fibre
  • Cheesy taste and creaminess thanks to Lactosan Emmental
  • Seafood notes provided by ProBase™ Mussel and Cod Broths
  • The cooking note is provided by the CulinairEx HZ002PK

Recommended labelling


Milk, seafood mix 32% (cooked shelled mussel, blanched squid rings, cooked shelled prawn, salt), flour, butter, tomato concentrate (tomato 99.5%, salt), whey product, cognac, cheese powder (100% Emmental), olive oil, parsley, mushroom powder, bamboo fibre, cod stock (water, cod, salt), mussel stock (water, mussel, salt), garlic, nutmeg, pepper

Possibilities of conservation


(filling only)

  • Pasteurized under vacuum / +4°C : Shelf life 21 days
  • Frozen / -18°C: shelf life 18 months

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