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Boudin from the sea


  1. In a cutter or food processor, mix the fish and salt at maximum speed until a homogeneous paste is obtained.
  2. Add the cold water, BactoCEASE® NV Liquid and continue mixing.
  3. Add oil, ProBase™ Mussel Broth, ProBase™ Cod Broth and Savorbooste® V, continue mixing.
  4. Add Emulac NA, Activa® WM, Unicell OF 90 vegetable oat fibre and starch. Mix well for several minutes until a fine, very homogeneous, non-granular paste is obtained.
  5. Add the parsley at the last moment and mix gently.
  6. Mettre la mêlée dans un poussoir et remplir les boyaux pelables avec la pâte fine.
  7. Adjust the size of the sausages to your liking, then cook/smoke them in a cooking cell.
  8. Once the cycle is complete, peel the sausages and place them in a plastic bag.
  9. Vacuum the bag to 97%, then pasteurise the whole at 85°C (monitored with a probe). Store in a cool place (+4°C).

Proportions (in %)

Salmon fillet 36,8
Hake fillet 31,3
Cold water 16
Rapeseed oil 5
Emulac NA 3 Sodium caseinate
Unicell OF90 2 Vegetable oat fibre
BactoCEASE® NV LIQUID 1,5 Liquid preparation with buffered vinegar
Probase Cod Broth ™ 1,3 Cod Broth
Amidon N59 1
ProBase™ Mussel Broth 0,95 Mussel Broth
Salt 0,7
Parsley 0,3
Activa® WM 0,1 Enzyme preparation
Savorboost® V 0,05 Natural Flavour



  • More homogeneous and cohesive texture thanks to the use of Emulac NA caseinates
  • Contribution of the knack side by Activa® WM
  • Well-textured flesh without syneresis thanks to the use of Unicell OF 90 vegetable oat fibre
  • Fish and marine notes intensified with ProBase™ Cod and Mussel Broths
  • Cooked seafood notes enhanced by Savorboost® V
  • Optimal microbiological protection with BactoCEASE® NV Liquid

Recommended labelling


Fish 68.1% (salmon, hake), water, rapeseed oil, milk protein, oat fibre, spirit vinegar, cod broth (water, cod, salt), modified starch, mussel broth (water, mussels, salt), parsley, natural flavour.

Possibilities of conservation


  • Pasteurized under vacuum / +4°C : Shelf life 21 days
  • Frozen / -18°C: shelf life 18 months

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