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Chicken rillettes


  1. Cut the meat into large cubes. Brown the diced meat in a sauté pan in the ProBase™ Chicken Fat and 1/3 of the ProBase™ Pork Fat.
  2. Simmer the meat for about ten minutes to preserve it in the fat.
  3. Add carrots, garlic, parsley, bay leaf, thyme and shallots. Leave to brown for 3 minutes.
  4. Add water, white wine, Savorboost® V, Savourex CR019P, ProBase™ Chicken Broth, NaturFORT™12 DRY, XT YB018P ORGANIC and pepper.
  5. Reduce to finish cooking the chicken, the final yield should be 75%. At the end of cooking, remove the bay leaves.
  6. In a cutter or food processor, grind the mixture at medium speed until you have a smooth but fibrous mixture.
  7. Add the Unicell OF 200 oat fibre and the remaining ProBase™ Pork Fat and continue mixing for 3 mins on low speed to thoroughly incorporate the juices into the chicken meat.
  8. Dose into jars, cap and autoclave

Proportions (in %)

Raw chicken meat 30
Water 27,4
Pork belly 20
ProBase™ Pork Fat 8 Pork fat
White wine 5
Carrot 3
ProBase Chicken Fat ™ 2 Chicken fat
ProBase Chicken Broth ™ 1 Chicken broth
XT YB018P ORGANIC 0,7 Generic broth taste, 100% vegetarian and organic
Shallot 0,6
Parsley 0,6
Savourex CR019P 0,55 Roasted chicken flavour, 100% vegetarian
Mashed garlic 0,4
Unicell OF 200 0,4 Vegetable oat fibre
NaturFORT™ 12 DRY 0,15 Powdered blend of natural flavours
Pepper 0,05
Thyme 0,05
Laurel 0,05
Savorboost® V 0,05 Natural Flavour



  • Smoothness thanks to the use of ProBase Chicken Fat
  • Optimised texture with ProBase Pork Fat
  • Subtle reinforcement of the chicken note with ProBase Chicken Fat
  • The use of Unicell OF 200 oat fibre provides a typical fibrous texture of the debt
  • "Cooked chicken" notes enhanced by Savourex CR019P
  • Cooked flavour provided by Savorboost® V and XT YB018P ORGANIC
  • The NaturFORT™ 12 DRY keeps the flavours fresh and delays the premature oxidation of the fat

Recommended labelling


Chicken 30%, water, pork, pork fat, white wine, carrots, chicken fat, chicken stock (water, chicken, salt), natural flavourings, shallot, parsley, garlic, oat fibre, pepper, thyme, bay leaf.

Possibilities of conservation


  • Sterilized / Ambient : DDM 18 months
  • Pasteurized / +4°C : Shelf life 21 days

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