Distributeur spécialité ingrédients food alimentaire Unipex recette formulation steak vegetarien


Vegetarian steak


  1. Blend all the ingredients in a food processor until you have a smooth paste with some lentils and beans.
  2. Form 130g steaks.
  3. In a cooking cell, cook the steaks at 160°C for 45 minutes.
  4. Vacuum bag the steaks (95% vacuum) and pasteurise them (85°C core temperature).

Proportions (in %)

Green lentils 38
Kidney beans 34
Onion 5,4
Edifett F60P / AS SG 5 Vegetable fat powder (Vegan)
Unicell BF90 3 Bamboo plant fibre
Carrot cubes 2,5
Olive oil 2
NHANCE 59 starch 2
Emulac NA 2 Sodium caseinate
Unicell OF 200 1,4 Wheat plant fibre
Tomato concentrate 1
EXTER BR013R 1 Lightly roasted meat taste, 100% vegetarian
EXTER BR010P 0,7 Lightly roasted meat taste, 100% vegetarian
XT YB061T ORGANIC 0,7 Generic broth taste, 100% vegetarian and organic
Garlic 0,6
Cumin powder 0,2
Paprika 0,2
Oregano 0,1
Activa® WM 0,1 Enzyme preparation
Pepper 0,05
Savorboost® V 0,05 Natural Flavour



  • Roundness and pleasant texture provided by Edifett F 60 P / AS SG
  • The residual water is absorbed by the Unicell BF 90 bamboo fibre
  • Good cohesion following the use of Emulac NA and Activa® WM
  • Meat analogue texture provided by Unicell OF 200 vegetable oat fibre
  • Viandated notes provided by Savourex BRO13R, Savourex BRO1OP and boosted by Savorboost® V
  • Notes cuisinées de légumes grâce à l’utilisation du XT YB061T ORGANIC

Recommended labelling


Green lentil, red bean, onion, vegetable fat powder (palm oil, glucose syrup, modified starch), bamboo fiber, carrot, olive oil, modified starch, milk protein, oat fiber, tomato paste, natural flavors, garlic, cumin, paprika, oregano, pepper

Possibilities of conservation


  • Pasteurized under vacuum / +4°C : Shelf life 21 days
  • Frozen / -18°C: shelf life 18 months

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