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Terrine of the sea


  1. Bake the fish in a steam oven (120°C enclosure temperature, 52°C core temperature).
  2. After cooking, put the fish on a quick cooling rack.
  3. In a cutter or food processor, combine the water, ProBaseTM Mussel Broth, ProBaseTM Cod Broth, lemon juice, cream and garlic puree.
  4. Add starch, NaturFORT 12 DRY, Fondolac SL, CulinairEx HZ002PK, Savorboost® V and Activa® GS. Mix well to obtain a fine and homogeneous paste.
  5. Add the shrimp and mix gently to coarsely crush them.
  6. Add the white fish and the Unicell WF 200 wheat fibre and mix gently to obtain a homogeneous mixture while keeping the fish fibre.
  7. Add the coriander and mix gently.
  8. Dose into jars, cap and autoclave

Proportions (in %)

White fish 39
Shrimp 20,8
Cream 18
Water 6,05
Amidon N59 4,6
Yellow lemon 4,4
Fondolac SL 2 Whey product
Coriander 1,2
CulinairEx HZ002PK 1 Mushroom powder, 100% vegetarian
Activa® GS 1 Enzyme preparation
Unicell WF200 0,8 Wheat plant fibre
Probase Cod Broth ™ 0,4 Cod Broth
Garlic 0,4
ProBase™ Mussel Broth 0,2 Mussel Broth
NaturFORT™ 12 DRY 0,1 Powdered blend of natural flavours
Savorboost® V 0,05 Natural Flavour



  • More homogeneous texture thanks to the use of Fondolac SL and Activa® GS
  • Well-textured and fibrous flesh thanks to Unicell WF 200 wheat plant fibre, no syneresis
  • Shrimp and seafood notes intensified with Savourex FS001P as well as ProBase™ Mussel and Cod Broths, allowing for less fish and shrimp incorporation.
  • Cooked seafood notes enhanced with CulinairEx HZ002PK
  • Sensory protection without the development of off-flavours thanks to NaturFORT™12 DRY

Recommended labelling


Hake 39 %, shrimps 20,8 %, cream (pasteurised milk, stabiliser: carrageenan), water, modified starch, lemon juice (water, lemon juice concentrate), whey product, coriander, mushroom powder, wheat fibre, cod stock (cod, water, salt) mussel stock (water, mussel, salt), garlic, natural flavourings.

Possibilities of conservation


  • Sterilized / Ambient : DDM 18 months
  • Pasteurized / +4°C : Shelf life 21 days

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