Aromatic bases made from natural ingredients and a simple oven process


Exter, the taste specialist, offers you aromatic solutions based on natural ingredients, in the form of powders, pastes or liquids to enhance the taste and flavour of your recipes. Prepared in the traditional way, these plain ingredients are slow cooked, roasted, dehydrated and then expertly blended to give you a unique and authentic palette of flavours. Exter products are identified by their unique taste, derived from natural raw materials and their culinary know-how. Exter has developed a whole range of natural flavours, containing no allergens or E-codes, GMO-free and compatible with vegan or vegetarian diets.

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Our partner's solutions


SAVOUREX™: the Savourex™ range brings specific flavours of broth, vegetables, meat, fish, umami, enhanced with "cooked, boiled, roasted, fried" flavours.


CULINAIREX™: inspired by "homemade", Exter innovates with its Culinairex™ range, natural ingredients without additives, carriers or added salt, made by their traditional and authentic process. Mushroom and browned onion powders (the first references to come out of their innovation platform) will allow you to enhance the savoury notes and creaminess of your recipes, while remaining clean label. Also in the range: Oven-roasted chicken powder.


BOILERS™: Exter also provides hydrolysed plant proteins.



Natural flavours






  • Natural and authentic, home-made
  • Tailor-made possible
  • Soluble in water and dispersible in oil
  • Reduces salt and fat content
  • Mask of the off notes
  • Kosher, Halal
  • Vegetarian, Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • No additive code
  • Clean Label, RSPO Certified



Soup, sauce, bouillon-cubes, snacks, ready meals, noodles, nuggets, cold cuts, meat substitutes, quiches, seasoning, chips, mayonnaise, etc.