Aromas for cough and cold remedies


Aromas for cough and cold remedies


Aroma & masker

  • Cough, Cold and Allergy is the best-selling OTC category by a wide margin. Evolution from cure to prevention is creating new opportunities in this area, with natural & traditional inspired remedies.
  • There are important needs to be met in order to develop efficient products such as bitterness masking of active ingredients, stability of flavors (to avoid any interaction with active ingredients) and appropriate composition to avoid any interaction during analysis and dosage of active ingredients.
  • This line of flavors offers many opportunities such as masking flavors and natural sweeteners to address bitterness, a citrus and honey tone for naturalness, menthol encapsulation and explosion as well as a fresh sensation.

Origine : Natural & Synthetics

Process de production : Encapsulation

Forme galénique : Liquid - Powder

Voie d'administration : Oral


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