Isomalt tamisé


Isomalt tamisé


N° CAS 64519-82-0

Filler binder

  • GalenIQ 960 EP, GalenIQ 981 EP and GalenIQ 990 EP are sieved isomalts used in hot extrusion, for coating both for machable shapes or very hard candies
  • GalenIQ 960 EP: d50 380 ?m; perfect fluidity and very stable at high temperature GalenIQ 981 EP / GalenIQ 900 EP: very stable in the presence of acids Non-cariogenic sweetener
  • These isomalt can be used during hot extrusion due to their stability at high temperatures.

Origine : Natural

Formule : C12H24O11

Masse moléculaire : 1,6 GPS : 344,3 g/mol 1,1 GPM : 380,3 g/mol

Pharmacopée : BP, EP, JP, USP-NF

Contenant standard : Cardboard Big Bag

Process de production : Dry granulation - Continuous Granulation - Coating - Mixing powders

Forme galénique : Chewable tablet - Tablet to suck - Orodispersible tablet - Effervescent tablet - Capsule powder - Powder sachet - Drinkable solution

Voie d'administration : Oral


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