Saccharose Maltodextrine Sucre Inverti atomisé


Saccharose Maltodextrine Sucre Inverti atomisé


N° CAS 57-50-1

Thinner - Binder - Sweetener

  • Compressuc MS is an innovative atomized compressible sugar for direct compression and enables very high hardness tablets to be obtained from low levels of compressive force. It particularly meets the requirements of the production of tablets on a high throughput machine.
  • Excipient anhydrous, fully soluble.White cristalline powder, hollow sphere with particle size of 150 to 300 micron
  • Its hollow spherical particles give it its remarkable flow and compressibility properties. Homogeneous mixture of active ingredients even in the case of low dosage formulas. The excellent flowability of Compressuc MS ensures the regular feeding of the Marchins and a great weight and visual uniformity of the tablets. Pleasant taste to mask the aftertaste of the active ingredients

Origine : Natural

Formule : C12H22O11

Masse moléculaire : 342,3 g/mol

Pharmacopée : USP, NF IPEC

Contenant standard : Box

Process de production : Direct compression - Mixing powders

Forme galénique : Chewable tablet - Effervescent tablet - Orodispersible tablet - Lozange tablet

Voie d'administration : Oral


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