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Health in Gum®

Cafosa has developed a range of innovative excipients that will allow you to obtain chewing gums by direct compression. This innovative galenic form alone presents therapeutic interests. Indeed, various studies have shown that chewing gum provides its user with: fresh breath as well as better oral hygiene, a calming of tensions and an aid to concentration, a very effective substitute for the desire to smoke or eat and an easier digestion after meals!

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Product benefits

Chewing gum with antibacterial activity

Placebo formula made with caffeine adjusted to the level of bitterness observed with a concentration of 250 mg of paracetamol.

Technical specifications


Ingredients  Weight per 1.8g tablet Share in % of total 
Health in Gum PWD 04
1480mg 82,22%
Caffeine 174mg 9,67%
Colloidal silica 27mg 1,50%
Lubricant 18mg 1%
Sucralose 30mg 1,67%
Peppermint Flavour 35mg 1,94%
Peppermint flavour 18mg 1%
Citrus flavour 18mg 1%

Recommended dose


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