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Blood glucose


When the pandemic of metabolic diseases threatens us!


422 million people. This is the number of diabetics in the world. This number has doubled since 1980 and is expected to reach 640 million by 2040. In France, we are not left behind with our 3.3 million diabetics.


According to the CEED (Centre Européen d'Etude sur le Diabète), 1 in 10 French people will have diabetes. We are now talking about a planetary epidemic and the WHO considers diabetes to be one of the main killers in the world. A killer yes, but a silent killer. For we only talk about those diagnosed. How many are unaware of it?

Our selection of ingredients to solve this problem:

  • For blood glucose control :

    • Extrait standardisé en β -Caryophyllene de Poivre Noir ou de Clous de Girofle