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Well in my head, well in my skin!

  • Key figure: +5.5%. This global market was estimated at €5.7bn at the end of 2018, with a 5.5% increase expected by the end of 2026.
  • An emerging trend that is gaining ground over the years! A market originating in Asia Pacific, nutricosmetics is taking an important place in the lives of Europeans. Europe has a 30% share of the global market.
  • The positioning? Finished products are positioned on health promises, such as skin microbiota, skin or hair beauty. Brands are now offering products that complement cosmetics to nourish the skin from the inside and the outside - this is called "IN&OUT".


There are 3 main categories in the nutricosmetics market, with more or less niche sub-segments:


1. Skin: the largest market. It is the leading segment of nutricosmetics with half of the market share. Anti-ageing and hydration are the two main promises of the segment. There are also many niche promises such as dry skin, oily skin or skin lightening, particularly for Asia.


2. Hair: a highly developed segment in Europe. There are two types of perspectives for these products. There are products with a health promise such as anti-hair loss products. These supplements are used to revive devitalized, dull hair and to slow down hair loss. Other products, such as fortifiers, are perceived from a beauty perspective.  These food supplements are intended for people who want to obtain shinier, stronger hair, with more volume/length or for frizzy hair.


3. Solar: accounts for 10% of the nutricosmetics market share. This category is sub-segmented according to the period of exposure. Some products are to be used before sun exposure to prepare the skin or to get the healthy glow with a self-tanner. Other products are to be taken during exposure to improve and accelerate tanning. It also helps to preserve the skin's youthfulness by protecting the cells from UV rays. Finally, the last types of products are to prolong the tan after exposure. Other niche promises are also found around skin types, age or the harmful effects of the sun.

Our selection of ingredients to solve this problem:

  • For healthy skin and hair:

    • Ajuga reptans extract standardised in Teupoliosides