Our smart company between flexibility
and performance

Our work in the distribution sector starts and ends with the quality of human relations; first and foremost, it is trust that we want to build with you. The connections we build are made to last. They are built on professionalism, respect and transparency. This is how we work, and how we have been working for a long time now, with our client partners and constituents. Unipex has been operational for 50 years, and has always remained true to its core business: the distribution of specialities.

This is also why we are independent and we intend to stay that way. Our structure is simple, our commitment is absolute: we work directly with you. Our financial strength guarantees our independence and allows us to grow more efficiently, to better respond to your needs. Our freedom also makes us more flexible, and our robustness ultimately more versatile.

We are proud of what we do and love being valued. The quality of our partner relations is as essential as the quality of our products. Unipex is a company of specialists and specialties, resolute in our belief that the quality of human relations is what creates excellence.

Patrice Barthelmes Unipex CEO

Because your satisfaction will always be our most essential ingredient!

What does it mean to Be Smart?

Being Smart, means:

  • Having the mindset that excellence is the best way to make work both simpler and more efficient, and therefore, much more enjoyable
  • Collaborating with you in full transparency, placing ethics at the centre of our values and never compromising on that
  • Always being accessible and creating genuine connections because you are what really matters to us
  • Progressing with you to succeed together across all our territories
  • Transforming your needs into genuine solutions.


And that is why we have become a leading figure in the distribution of speciality products.

Smart (adj):
clever, intelligent with
good judgement
in respect of others


Our values

  • Ethics without compromise *
  • Passion for our partners
  • Endless energy
  • Responsiveness
  • Have fun !

Our mission

The Smart Distributor of specialties, booster of your projects

Our vision

Thanks to our Smartness and Commitment for Sustainability, become a reference in Specialties Distribution in a chosen aera.

Our ambition

  • To strengthen our close ties with our clients and principals
  • To achieve Operational Excellence
  • To pursue our policy of Sustainable Development

* In the event of a proven situation of attempted corruption, harassment or any other violation of human and labor rights, please send a complaint to the address provided for this purpose : ethique@unipex.com.

Our philosophy

We believe that excellence makes life easier, that is why we embody this belief in our organisation as well as our actions. We do this by applying extremely high standards in order to reach Commercial and Operational Excellence. We are also committed to Sustainable Development, through our processes as well as through adopting best practices when dealing with our clients and suppliers.

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Our territories

Specialist in specialities
for 50 years

1968 UNIPEX is founded
as a distributor of raw
materials for pharmaceuticals
and cosmetics

1991 Construction of our Saint-Ouen
l’Aumône warehouse, just outside Paris

à 2008
Growth through acquisitions
and opening in
Canadian territory

2009 Expansion into Benelux
with the acquisition
of Codibel Distribution

2015 Increased
presence in
West Africa

1988 Addition of Fine
and Speciality

2008 Birth of the UNIPEX Group

2011 Opening of Casablanca

The Management Team

Patrice Barthelmes CEO

Frédéric Ivsic General Manager

Jean Mazeres General Manager
Strategy & Sourcing

Giang Vu Director of Admin
& Finance

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